JROTC Letter Writing Contest


VFW Post 3258 held an essay contest for the JROTC High School Cadets in the Philadelphia School District. The 2015-2016 theme was Should the U.S. increase its military for national protection and as a world power”? and all essays submitted were forwarded to deployed service members. Over 115 essays were submitted. The JROTC Instructors performed the initial review and culled the essays down to 13 qualifiers. These 13 essays were then submitted to the Judging committee comprised of Post 3258 members. After reading and ranking the  essays against specific criteria, three surfaced as potential winning candidates for first, second and third place. Each essay was reviewed individually by each committee member and ranked. After reconciling discussions, the committee agreed on the selected 3three winners and their rank. The committee felt honored to have the opportunity to read these top essays as well as all other essays submitted after the judging was complete. It humbled our members to hear, first hand, in the students own words, their views on what the size our military should be to protect our nation and to remain a viable world power. Again, the committee felt fortunate to read so many heart felt and thoughtful essays.

In order of  the 2016  1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are Cadets  Bang Huong, Army JROTC, South Philadelphia High School,  AFJROTC Zion Campbell and Mike Zach, both of Swenson Arts and Technology High School.