New Member Information Guide

Dear Comrade,


As Commander of Post 3258, and on behalf of all members of our Post, I want to welcome you to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

You just became a member of the best VFW Post in the world. We truly believe that!  We hope that you find your membership here a rewarding one. There are plenty of smiling faces and warm comradeship to go around. Please feel free to make this your Post, because as a member it is "yours". Whether it is at a post special event or good company at post meetings that brings you here, the atmosphere is one that promotes “Family.” 

 VFW membership is first and foremost about serving veterans—we take care of our fellow comrades and their families. By being an active member, you will enjoy a high level of camaraderie among our members. You will always have someone to talk to about your experiences in a combat zone, and we’ll offer the support you need to balance your military experiences with civilian life. We’ll help you receive the benefits and services you earned in uniform, which may come in the form of monetary compensation, VA healthcare and/or other benefits. Membership also opens the door to many discounts and a credit union that can save you and your family a lot of money.

Our Post welcomes veterans from all service eras. We view the service of all combat veterans as equally important since all military service contributes to peace and freedom. We are always looking for new energy and creative ideas to keep our Post strong.  Please take an opportunity to introduce yourself to other members and say hello to our Post leaders. You’ll learn that we are a family who takes care of each other, whether you are a new member or one of the Post’s original members.

Veterans have made our nation stronger by proudly serving in military uniform and we remain committed to making life in America all that it can be for everyone. That’s why we hope you will join us in our efforts to serve veterans, the military and our community through programs like Shamrock Reins, Military Support and Voice of Democracy.

You’ve already earned membership in our distinguished organization through your service to America.  Now join your brothers and sisters at your Post as we support and serve each other.  Please join in when asked to volunteer time or effort.  Together we can make a difference!

Yours in comradeship,

Commander, Post 3258