Service Officer

VFW Post 3258 offers two Service Officers to assist and educate our Veterans in wading through all the confusing forms and red tape when trying to find out about the benefits they earned through their military service. You need not be a member of the VFW either, because as a Veteran, this is a service you've earned. All assistance provided by our Service Officers is of course, free of charge. 

The Veterans Administration handles a multitude of Federal Benefits for qualified Service Members, some of which include compensation and pension, health care, vocational rehabilitation & employment, education & training, home loans, life insurance, dependents & survivors, and burial benefits. Our Service Officers will serve as your focal point when dealing with these issues and make the process a lot easier to understand.

 Some of the services we assist the Veteran with are as follows;

  • Assist veterans who are filing original claims for compensation and/or 
    pension with the Department of Veterans Affairs and assist in completing the required VA forms on behalf of the claimant.
  • Assist veterans in reopening claims for service-connected disabilities and help to complete the required VA forms.
  • Follow up on status of claims filed by veterans with the VA Regional Office.
  • File Notice of Disagreement with the VA Regional Office if a veteran believes the decision made by the VA was incorrect.
  • Review statements of the case from the VA regarding denials of claim and assist veterans with the preparation of responses.
  • Assist veterans or surviving spouses in the preparation of appeals for denial of claims and file the appeals with the local VA Regional Office for forwarding to the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington, D.C.
  • Complete VA Forms other than for original claims.
  • Offer research and advice to veterans who wish to handle their own claims.

So, if you have any questions or need assistance, contact one of our Service Officer at: